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I figure it's high time to write another.  I got sick of looking at the one before this.

xD  I don't really have anything to say, though.

I guess if you have a Gaia, I'd be willing to draw you?  I dunno.  .w.


That is basically my life right now.


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United States
Durrrr . . . I dunno what tah say. I like drawing cats. :D It is, I guess, my specialty. I lurve drawing eyes and throwing as much detail into them as I can. So that's about it . . . Oh, and I adore making up stories. Yup, yup. I would put up some of them, but I fear rejection. D:

I like to watch anime and such, but I've been so busy lately I haven't even finished the last episode of the second season of TWOGK. And I don't even know if I'll get to the second season of Otome Yokai/Youkai(or however you spell it :/) Zakuro. And don't even get me started on how packed my schedule is to watch SS: The Painted Canvas . . .

I am trying to role-play at Crunchyroll forums, but I am too darned busy to go to it most of the time.

And what am I so busy with? Being tired, of course! From marching band and cross country. -@ Hard to juggle those two. My band is superior to any other band >:D so we always own.

My birthday is October the 18th. :| Yeah, I'm fifteen for now, and basically already a sophomore. I'm out of school for the summer, but every morning I run a mile or so and in late July pre-marching season starts. W00T.

Any who, I might, like, edit this later or somethin', so fare thee well random stranger.

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Thanks for the fave.
madcowyup May 14, 2012  Student General Artist
Wow, thanks for all of those favorites!
No problem. :3 I really like your stuff~~
Thanks for the fave!
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