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I know it doesn't make sense
United States
So hi.

I guess I'm Tanglecloud, though I hardly go by that anymore. Feel free to call me Jakie, which is what I usually go by. Or Luci, if you knew me then. Either or is cool. You can also call me whatever you legitimately know me by, whether that is my real name or a name from a different site. As long as I know that it is aimed at me, I'm cool with. (Please, nothing degrading. It isn't actually that funny.)

Feel free to look at stuff and back away in disgust.
It's okay, I get it.

No, seriously, I do.
Most of my stuff is crazy old and mostly that I did just for the heck of it. It's stupid and weird and right when I was struggling with how to draw.

I'm fairly better than I was, so you can probably take solace in that.

I usually just draw characters of mine or things for other people. Other times I'll put up random junk that doesn't make sense.

My interests include cats, cereal, waffles, doodling, writing, running, reading, and generally complaining about life. Most of what I do is to relax and escape the life I enjoy complaining about. I get stressed pretty easy, I guess, and it's something I'm working on.

I'm pretty easy-going and I'll talk to you, but I warn you in saying that I am a hermit. I don't really like talking to people because then I'll have to be friendly. If I suddenly just stop talking to you, it isn't because I don't like you. I just have issues. If you really want to be friends, you'll keep throwing stuff at me. Like, shoes, or something. I don't know.

Yeah, that's me, I guess.


little warmup by Tanglecloud
little warmup
no idea what I was going for, I just went with it
my paints were being a little screwy, so I kind of just threw 'em down

not really supposed to be anything specific
was messing with rubbing out and fire and IDEK

it was kind of fun though
'bout to blow up by Tanglecloud
'bout to blow up
Wait, 1 for the money and a 2 for the show
but 3 to be a legend even if i'm poor
i ain't chasin' nothin' you gon' have to catch me
and if you wanna taste you gon' have to pay a fee

--Pigeon John, The Bomb

--Tanglecloud, Tangle Cloud, Tangle, Cloud
--cat-thingy idk
--usually pretty happy but susceptible to sharp drops into depression

That is pretty much all you need to know.  
She's a persona I used to go by (as obvious with my user), though not too often anymore.  I changed her design up, just 'cause felt like it.  There used to be greys and crap mixed up in her fur as well, but now she is straight-up black and white.

Just because she is standing on her back legs doesn't mean that that is how she does.  She is kind of a normal cat-thingy for the most part, I only wanted to flash her belly~  I also tried drawing normal cat body and that sucked, so.  The spots on her are, indeed, leopard rosettes.  I didn't feel like changing that part of her design.

Blech.  I'm tired and I've only slept most of the day.
Have a good night or whatever.
i'm sorry, brother by Tanglecloud
i'm sorry, brother
i'm sorry i let you down
well, these days you're fine
no, these days you

--Imagine Dragons, Amsterdam

look at me go
turning up randoms junks of work so quickly

this is Thornton, Charlie's big bro
he dead
he is also my character (sung to the chorus of "I will cut you if you steal him")

I realize this is not so good, but one of my first attempts at reasonable male torso / head / thing IDK
I sketched it out in pencil, used opaque watercolor and gouache for the coloring, and pen for the outline.  I also used a smudge of acrylic for the " . . . you . . . lie." section.  

doot and blah
have nice night, dudes
In The Bleh 2nite by Tanglecloud
In The Bleh 2nite
I can feel it in the air tonight, oh Lord, oh Lord
But I've been waiting for this moment for all my life, oh Lord

--Phil Collins, In the Air Tonight

haha, keep drawing
something is wrong with me
past the point of what I know I'm drawing

that is to say, this was a doodle
and it could possibly be a character
haven't messed with characters in ages
oh well oh well by Tanglecloud
oh well oh well
guess i'll see you in hell
there's a pretty little picture that's in my head
and i'm starting to dream, changing colors while i sleep
maybe i'm just wasting time

--Mayday Parade, Oh Well, Oh Well

tryin' new fings out wif mah paint
idk wat dis ish

it sort of looks all right

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I figured that with all the Rosine stuff~~

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